New year new me right, after a year of upheaval, I take some moment to look back the journey of 2022. This year I want to recap what I learn, and my current thought about it. Furthermore, planning hype tech for next year and we will see if can I learn and try it in 2023. Keeping a journal of what you learn is one of the biggest proofs to compare yourself to who you were last year.

The most crucial practice in cloud security is private access and a control panel for managing users with whom service users can access. However, too much control in private access and administration will cause headache for every new member when hands-on coding. Especially more services require more maintenance from both maintainer and user, and the resource for keeping everything in standard security practice requires a lot in the workforce and net cloud cost. Tailscale is the new VPN service that offers to solve this challenge at a competitive cost.

What separates between 10x developer and 1x developer, the line has to be really big to satisfy the term 10x developer. Most people think knowledge and experience cause the difference, but every company has its problem. The knowledge required for these jobs can be so different that sometimes you have to start from zero. Rather than knowledge and experience, impacts and productivity of your performance are mostly value and solid metrics to compare. But personal productivity always depends on context; how can someone be 10x more productive than others even within the same timeframe to solve the problem? The question is: do such super-productive professionals even exist, and is it possible to become one of them?

Machine learning inference has evolved tremendously in the past several years. With a wide variety of tools and frameworks out there to simplify deployment and logging. But often, the inference step is usually bypassed and not shiny as building ML model. However in the ML cycle, the training ML model only took 20 percent of the full pipeline ML project. Especially serving AI model in end-user is rather simple and only for MVC phase. Therefore how we can server AI model in the real world and make the AI inference cycle fast both in the implementation stage, logging, and rebuilding. We will dive deep into some best practices in software development and how they can be implemented in AI respective.

Deploying individual containers is not difficult. However, when you need to coordinate many container deployments, a container management tool like ECS can greatly simplify the task (no pun intended).

For serverless approach, the best combination recipe for ECS cluster is AWS OnDemand and spot Fargate. The blog will describe how we can deploy ECS cluster by infrastructure as code (IAC) with optimal cost.

Recently I was asked to join the recruitment process and onboarding of new members. As the team and our project grow both in size and complexity, our document to hand on projects is complicated and only work in certain operating system. So to make sure the onboarding process is fast and reproducible, I have to come up with a new plan to create an isolate enviroment for coding and less learning curve as possible.